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Introducing eCertificates® by eSolds Inc. We are Certifying homes and condos to ensure a smooth real estate transaction for the home seller and the home buyer.

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To get your home or condo eCertified® you will need to provide us 3 documents.

  • 1. Home Inspection Report

  • 2. Comparative Market Analyisis (CMA)

  • 3. Sellers Property Information Statement (SPIS)

After reviewing all 3 documents making sure they are from qualified and Insured real Estate professionals, eSolds Inc. will issue you a genuine eCertificate®.

Make yourself and your listings stand out from the rest of the competition in any market by having your listings eCertified. Let your clients know that you have a tool that will sell their home faster and at top dollar. When potential buyers are given proof of the quality, value and knowledge of any deficiencies ahead of time, buyers will not hesitate to submit an Offer on your clients home for sale!

  • "Buying an eCertificate is a must have for anyone planning sell their home. You\'ll make your money back 10 times over!" Read More

    Joel Smith Mar 29,2011

  • "Before discovering eCertificates the selling process was always so long and dreadful. This time around, I got my home eCertified as soon as I put it o" Read More

    Raj Dhillon Mar 29,2011

  • "Being busy with work and my family there was no way I would make it out to see all of the homes I was interested in online. What I loved about looking" Read More

    Mary Koontz Mar 29,2011

  • "As an interested buyer shopping around online, the amount of homes I came across was incredible. I had spent several weekends going out with my Realto" Read More

    Pauline Wanker Mar 29,2011

  • "Before the home I am currently living in, I almost purchased a home which would have been a nightmare to fix. After going out and seeing many homes I " Read More

    Jessie Worshire Mar 29,2011

  • "As a Realtor I always advise my clients the very first thing they should do in order to sell their home is get it eCertified. In my experience, there " Read More

    Winnie Chan Mar 29,2011

  • "As a new real estate investor I love trying out the newest things in the market. When I heard about eCertificates I loved it right away. I’ve been t" Read More

    Jim Kaplan Mar 29,2011

  • "I purchased an eCertificate® and had my home sold within days with multiple offers. It gave my home the exposure it needed to get my home sold fast a" Read More

    Jimmy Nguyen Mar 29,2011

  • "When I purchased a home that was eCertified® I felt comfortable knowing the home I was buying was not overpriced. I knew it needed a new roof after r" Read More

    Rick Takk Mar 29,2011

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